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Neolife Mission Children's Home or Terry's Kids Home:

We run a Children's Home supporting the orphan/semi-orphan children of those parents who have died of AIDS. Their complete boarding/lodging/education etc. is taken care of by us. They are exposed to every possible welfare activity that enhances the quality of their lives. They go to a Corporate School, where apart from the formal education, they are trained in Computer education, identifying and developing their area of interest, participate in games and sports conducted by the school and represent their school teams in tournaments. Presently we have 17 children, and aim to have more in the near future. The children are between the age group of 7 to 14 years. They are looked after by caretakers under our strict supervision.

It costs us Rs.4280/- to take care of one child per month, which includes the child’s boarding (veg, non-veg, milk and snacks), lodging, medical bills, school tution, home tution, staff salaries, utilities, extra-curricular activities and any unforeseen expenses.

We are thankful to God for people like Dr. Sujay Suneetha and Dr. Samaiah, who have made Service to mankind as their motto. Their support to Neolife Mission is highly appreciated.