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Neolife Mission Children's Home or Terry's Kids Home:

We were running a Children's Home supporting the orphan/semi-orphan children of those parents who have died of AIDS. Their complete boarding/lodging/education etc. was taken care of by us. They were exposed to every possible welfare activity that enhanced the quality of their lives. They went to a Corporate School, where apart from the formal education, they were trained in Computer education, identifying and developing their area of interest, participated in games and sports conducted by the school and represented their school teams in tournaments.

Presently, due to the rising costs and less income we closed down the Children’s Home and are supporting the HIV/AIDS infected/affected orphan/semi-orphan kids in education at the comfort of their own homes. It costs us Rs.1200/- towards the educational fee of one child per month in a good private English Medium School in the towns and Rs.2000/- per child in the city of Hyderabad.