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Our Objective
Board of Directors
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Emergence of NLMT

How did it come into existence?

Neolife Mission, a non-profit organization is started with the birth of a vision to the Founder Director, Trevain Raj Kumar while attending a Christian Leadership Conference at Nairobi, Kenya in early Jan'06. After attending one of the sessions on HIV/AIDS, the Lord laid a burden on his heart to reach out to the PLWHA's with the love of God and give them a life of dignity and comfort.

He learned that PLWHAs are sometimes outcasts by their own family members. They are unwanted by friends and relatives. They are not treated properly and are discriminated. Though the whole world may hate them, the Creator still loves them. He is not interested to know about how they acquired the disease, but is only interested in giving them a life of comfort and dignity forever. Although many NGO's, some Churches and Para-Church organizations are working towards this end, there is yet an immediate need to address this problem by many more. Trevain believes the PLWHA's should be made to feel wanted by the society at large with the Love of Christ. They should be given decent last days of their lives so that they may die a death of courage and hope and not one of fear and hopelessness. With this burden in heart, he wanted to start an organization exclusively for the PLWHA's and support them holistically and therefore the emergence of this organization.

He is joined by like-minded men and women of God in supporting his vision and the core group formed the Board of Directors, all of whom are volunteers. The organization came into existence on the 17th of March'06 by the sure will of God as a Non-Profit Charitable Trust. Today as a young organization, Neolife Mission is also representing He Intends Victory, a Christian Ministry based in U.S.A., to those affected by HIV/AIDS, apart from partnering with other organizations in the same field. The activities carried out are limited to spreading the HIV/AIDS awareness programs in and around the state of Telangana, South India and running a Children's Home for the affected orphan/semi-orphan kids.