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Our Objective
Board of Directors
Our Statement
Emergence of NLMT

Our Objective:

Neolife Mission is a trust formed with an objective to reach the PLWHA's (People Living With HIV/AIDS) with a holistic approach.

To lead the least, the last and the lost through the way God paved for mankind, to live an abundant, respectful and peaceful life for good.

To protect and safeguard vulnerable children, stand for their right to a decent living and provide them an environment of love, care & support to transform their lives for good…

We believe that the love of God has Power:

  • To heal
  • To care by standing alongside with love and not just providing services
  • To build the community of belonging and acceptance
  • To transform prejudice into compassion, healing and understanding
  • To overcome injustice and discrimination
  • To live with hope and die with dignity